50 things about me

  1. chaos of colors
  2. words, words and words…
  3. knitted sweaters
  4. fuzz balls
  5. soft, cozy room
  6. a mug of coffee
  7. a cup of tea
  8. Fall leaves
  9. splash of water
  10. rain
  11. sunshine in winters
  12. stack of well-thumbed books
  13. crisp, fresh pages
  14. blueberry muffin
  15. cherries and strawberries
  16. fresh linen
  17. ironed clothes
  18. soft slippers
  19. high heels
  20. perfecting home-made tea
  21. primary colors
  22. canary yellow
  23. cerulean blue
  24. dupattas
  25. aloo ke paranthe
  26. butter
  27. pencils
  28. paper
  29. sunrise
  30. mink blankets
  31. punctuality
  32. English literature
  33. the twitch of the mouth
  34. not enough bookshelves
  35. not enough space in wardrobe
  36. too many clothes
  37. cranky when sleepy
  38. bitchy when hungry and not realizing it
  39. teetotaler
  40. a hoarder
  41. little toy cars
  42. in love
  43. a no-car person (don’t feel the need to ever own them)
  44. oil colors
  45. always making to-do lists and loving it when I put a check against each task
  46. will be a Hitler when I become a mom. For sure.
  47. organize too much for my own good…total OCD
  48. finicky about food. There’s only so much that I can eat
  49. always crying over books and movies and ghazals
  50. never learned how to whistle, or how to ride a bicycle

9 thoughts on “50 things about me”

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  2. hmmmmm……
    i know this…. but you have to try and try to whistle
    i also love your words…. but not in angry mood. Reading all those stuf which i know from long time but some where it faded is good.
    good calender designing.
    love you
    take care
    bye for now


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