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A brief synopsis first.

When Love Finds You by Yashodhara Lal is a book mainly about Natasha, a career woman who takes pride in her work and doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving her professional goals. So obviously, she’s shown without a family or any other loving relationship. (Because clearly one cannot exist with the other). She’s sometimes portrayed as rude and obnoxious, though truth be told, she’s simply being honest and forthright. She doesn’t bullshit around and doesn’t appreciate it either. She works hard, harder than others in fact but it seems that she doesn’t get duly rewarded for her diligence. Or sometimes even acknowledged.

I liked how the author dared to include sexual harassment and the existence of glass ceiling in our polite, educated office environments. How a work place should be about sensible, mature adults striving to achieve success but instead it gets murky with greed, patriarchy and pettiness.

The book had a few other things going right. It felt good to read a book about an unapologetic career woman who’s not in fashion or cooking industry. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s nice to read books that don’t portray women as interested only in shopping or cooking or falling in love. And these were the much appreciated points in this book.

Lets talk about the cons now. Most of the first half of the book is about her power struggles at her work place, especially after two new male bosses are hired. It was slow and boring in-between, what with going too much in depth about their sales and products and targets etc. It was totally unnecessary and made the book tedious to read. The first and second part were stretched out too much, with a lot of situations and characters feeling completely unnecessary by the third part of the book.

To keep things interesting, we have a nagging neighbor (obviously to show us eventually that our girl does have a heart), an arrogant male boss with the requisite posse of girls fawning all over his superficial charm, a fitness instructor to provide comic relief – but failing miserably, and a love interest. I just wish that this was true, that they kept things interesting. But unfortunately it was not the case. The plot line, the development (or lack of) of the characters – everything was almost predictable.

My final verdict of this book is that its not worth it.

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