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I have some news for you. The good kind. And the other, grey-area-kind. Which means this will be a long post. You have been warned. But it also means there will lots and lots of beautiful photos to ogle. The decor porn kind. I know you are hooked now, aren’t you?

First of all, the other news. Not sure if it’s good or bad. There’s a slight chance that we will be moving house someday soon. Maybe the next month, or maybe the next year. And of course, instead of worrying about the logistics and the hurdles and the general headache such moves ensure, all I can think of is, “How will I do up my next house?”

I know, crazy, right? I’m worried about being allowed to paint walls (if it’s a rental) and what sofa to buy and how to make a budget so I don’t go overboard….you get the drift. To reign in the craziness (just a bit) and to keep calm in the chaos, I have put up an inspiration post. It is the done thing, after all. Right after creating a Pinterest board and calling up all your closest friends to whine and scream about it. Just to calm down.

The Living Room:

Living 3

I love the casual setting. The choice of colors. The simple prints.

Living 1

Now, I don’t love the entire look. I doubt I have ever come across a photo of any room that I love completely, and which is doable. Or livable. Here, that rug is just the right hint of modern. And how adorable is the sofa? Its just begging you to jump on it! And that wallpapered nook? Sweet surprise.

The Kitchen:

Kitchen 3

Such soft, happy colors. Sigh!

Kitchen 2

If anyone ever said “glamorous” and “kitchen” in one sentence, I wouldn’t believe them. Till, this. Its more glamorous than my best outfit. Better than my sexiest heels. The tiled walls. The bar stools. The chandelier! I would probably change the chair, but that’s it.

Kitchen 1

Not that I own tons of beautiful white crockery, but if I did, this will be the perfect display. Getting giddy over all those colors!

The Bedroom:

Bedroom 4

This is pure sex. The play of the deep purple and dark grey against the metal. This will be great for handcuff-lovers (all puns intended). I would much rather have a tufted headboard though.

Bedroom 2

Ooo! The colors! This just makes me smile! The beautiful sky blue wall, the cheery floral-patterned lantern, the pom-pom lined bedding, and the colorful Indian/Moroccan(?) stools masquerading as bedside tables. So inviting, especially in hot Indian summers.

The Bathroom:

Bathroom 1

I swear I swoon every time I look at this. Those beautiful mirrors, the copper washbasin, the pendants, the marbled walls and counter top. Luxury. Eye candy. Perfect.

All images from: here.

And now for the good news.

(I am a bit late with this announcement but I was waiting for a certain package to arrive. Now that its here, let me holler).

The fabulous people at The Keybunch in association with The Purple Turtles sent me this gorgeous set of t-light holders. I won them in their Diwali Décor contest, where we had to share our home décor photographs and they picked up three winners. Here’s the photo that got me the prize: (yes you have seen it before here but let me shamelessly replug, please?)


Do check to their post announcing the winners – the décor photos of the other two winners are very inspiring! And while you are at it, browse through The Keybunch site. Looking at all those brilliant, beautiful posts makes me want to get up and do up a house or two.

And here are the beautiful t-light holders. Aren’t they pretty?! Sigh! I can’t wait to find a place for them in my home.

Tlight_4 Tlight_1 TLight_2Tlight_3

Love the brushed metal texture. As you can see, they are NOT teeny-weeny. Quite big, actually. Also, be a dear, and ignore the wrinkles in the fabric, okay? Many many thanks to the wonderful people at The Keybunch and The Purple Turtles.

What are you favourite inspirational home decor photos? Do you have a Pinterest board you love? Share! Comment.

Till next time, stay safe. Be awesome.