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There’s something about the constant bombardment of sales and festive offers and “Flat 80%” that puts me off nowadays. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I am against festivals or shopping (or discounts!). Nothing like that!

Ceiling Lamp

It’s just that, sometimes when I look around the house, and see all the stuff we have, it overwhelms me. Yes, a lot of it is necessary. Yes, there are times that I want to wear a brand new, dazzling saree with the latest in blouses and jewellery and what not. There are times that I want to deck up my house in beautiful bright curtains, to buy that precious blue and white pottery, that fabulous wooden chopping board. And I do end up buying a lot of things. Over some period of time, though, I’ve started trying consciously to buy fewer products. Less is more, after all. I want my house to breathe. I want to have breathing space, in my house, in my cupboard, in my life. The more we accumulate, the more stuff we have to take care of – stuff to be dusted and cleaned and repaired and stored. Every single thing we own takes away some of our precious time. I’m not saying that a Spartan lifestyle is what I am looking for. I love beautiful stuff way too much to ever give up completely on it, but if I can stop myself from buying everything that appeals to me, I know that the future me will thank me for keeping it simple.

This Diwali, despite the discounts in the air, and the emails and advertisements temptingly displaying new flashy, snazzy stuff, I tried to buy as little as possible. Instead, I focused on “recycling” and DIYing stuff.


We did buy a few new décor items – these beautiful tea light holders. They were slightly expensive, but they look fabulous with the lights and their lovely bright jewel tones add a wonderful color to the entire table vignettes.



I went the usual way with the decoration – beautiful silk and brocade fabrics – the richer the better. I bought fabrics so I could make tablecloths and cushion covers out of them. It kept the cost down and I can easily recycle the fabric in the future. They work great as a base, like a table cloth, and you can add contrast (but in harmony) by adding another layer of fabric as a table runner. I simply folded and stapled/safety pinned whatever rich fabrics I had to use as table runners.


Then its simply a matter of adding candles and diyas and flowers in beautiful colorful containers. Be it bowls or tea light holders or vases.


My amazingly talented husband (he also took these beautiful photographs) painted this paper lamp – from bland white to brilliant rainbow hues. The transformation is to be seen to be believed. The colors are so vivid and mesmerizing, I don’t think I will ever keep it away. Its too beautiful to be locked up post Diwali.


Don’t you just love how happy and bright and festive all those colors are together?


DSC_3862 DSC_3467 DSC_3469 DSC_3695 DSC_3856

How did you decorate your house this year? Do share in the comments below! And, Happy Diwali to all you gorgeous people!