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Its been a really long time since I last posted here.

Which is kinda ok because instead of posting irrelevant stuff I was busy creating and crafting. So I have more stuff to post about 😉

Though am kinda nervous. I have a bad feeling that I have lost all sense of how to put up a post nicely. Sigh. But one has to start somehow…

I have been on a organising and cleaning-the-clutter spree. Out went stuff I have never used, clothes that are ill-fitting or never seemed right, accessories that looked odd when worn but were beautiful when bought (sigh, we all do that, no?), and bags I have no use of anymore.

Like this green bag I had. I have used it just once in the past 2 years and even then, I wasn’t too happy with it. So I dumped it in the donation bag. But then I thought of that beautiful (cheap) leather (rexine) with all the zippers and sides stitched..hmm.. maybe I could create something out of it?

After hours of agonising thinking, more hours spent happily on Pinterest, I decided to create a wallet-cellphone case out of it. I have 3-4 lovely wallets. But none of them can hold my mobile phone. As my cellphone is bigger than the previous one (though not huge), I always end up carrying a purse (which I hate) or shoving the phone down my pocket, which, frankly, is risky and tacky. Hence the need for a wallet which could also serve as a mobile case.

Here’s a detailed tutorial of my fresh green beautiful mobile case:

1. An old bag. Or You can start from the scratch with leather or rexine or even felt.

2. Stitching aids. (I do not have a sewing machine, so I stitch by hand.) Scissors, thread, needle,

3. Wide Ribbon / Lace/ Scrap pf fabric to decorate.

4. A stud or a big button.

5. Snap buttons or velcro.


I essentially needed the wallet to be just big enough to carry my mobile in, but nothing as big as a clutch. So after careful measurements (eyeballing!) I cut out a pocket of the bag. It had the advantage of already hemmed sides so I didn’t have to do any unnecessary stitching.

One side is  not hemmed and unstitched. It can be stitched or glued or covered with fabric or ribbon. I stitched a ribbon on the raw edges. It took time and I had to unravel my stitch many times. Its still not picture perfect, but it does the job for now.


Cover the edge completely with the ribbon. Fold it over on the edge. Pin it up so it doesn’t move. Now start stitching the ribbon to its place.
Please do not try to glue the ribbon. If you do, check a little piece first. In my case, the glue showed through the ribbon even after drying and created unsightly patches. Stitching worked better for me. Plus, I find it relaxing.


Fold the piece in half. Mark the central line with a pencil or anything erasable. We will create a pocket to carry money in. Measure how much fabric you will require for that. The pocket should be wide enough but not completely cover the inside.
Cut out a piece of coordinating fabric (or you can cut out from the original old bag itself like I did). Pin it up in its place and then stitch, stitch and stitch till its done. Remember to stitch just three sides, though! You can add a zip to it, or add two pockets instead of one. The choices are endless.


Now, we need to add something to hold the cellphone in. I choose to stitch an elasticated ribbon (which doesn’t go with the color scheme at all, but I had no other color). You can choose to stitch another pocket.
Take a piece of elasticated ribbon smaller than the width of the cellphone. Now place it in the center of the other half of the wallet, but keep it closer to the bottom. Stitch its end very carefully. It has to be strong enough to prevent your cellphone from falling.

(I WISH I had a sewing machine. Hand stitching looks so sloppy!)

Slide your cellphone in and out to check if its tight enough.

Add three snap buttons on the wallet. Two on the corners and one in the middle. This will help in keeping everything inside from sliding out.


Now, lastly, add any kind of decoration, glitter, sequin, studs to the wallet. I choose to add just one simple stud. But I have plans to add more on the next wallet I create. 😉

I am so happy with this. It may not be as perfect as those available in the market but I recycled an old bag to create something I really needed and am already using. Its the perfect thing I needed.