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This is not a conventional DIY tutorial. Perhaps more of an idea, which you can elaborate or develop with your imagination. It basically deals with finding cheap stuff and turning it into something more – elegant. To be able to see something worthwhile in something worthless, so to speak.

I found these really tacky silver frames and bought them just because they were dirt cheap. And well, there’s nothing a spray paint can cannot cure!

Tools & Materials:
Cheap Photo frames
Paper Cutter
Posters / pictures of your choice
Spray paint


1. Hunt cheap photo frames in sale.

2. Agonize for a week over the color to paint them – cheap photo frames usually have cheap colors.

3. Find the perfect color hidden away in your craft stuff – voila! Or buy one. It will come in handy later too, so its not a waste.

4. Create your own lil posters out of your favourite quotes. Keep it simple. Measure the size of the frame and design the poster accordingly. Print out.

5. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the back of the frame (pardon my English). Take out the canvas, the glass and keep aside.

6.Find a ventilated area in your house. Place newspapers on the floor. Then, lay down your photo frame and spray the paint on it.

7. Make sure the nozzle is pointed at the frame, not at you (it happens!). Above all, wear slippers – the paint can be very sticky – and cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or mask or duppatta. Let it dry for as long as instructed on the paint can.

8. Cut your printout to size using a sharp paper cutter. I used the glass of the frame as measurement. But be careful while handling it.

9. Insert the glass, the printout and then the cardboard backing into the frame.

10. And there you have it! Two lovely wall arts for a previously blank wall. Bonus? I choose the color with which I painted a table in this room. So it all ties in happily 🙂

P.S.: Click on the photos to make it large.