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It all started with one of those moments when you see something in a shop and cannot resist buying it – even though something inside tells you you may really not wear it. This happened with my roommate. She got this wildly printed, deep neck, spaghetti strap top and tossed it in her wardrobe were it remained for – years. Till one day, while cleaning her closet, she took it out, made a face, and asked if I would like it for one of my sewing projects. And I thought, hell, it will be a great bag!

So I chopped off the straps and stitched them sideways to make the handles of the bag, and closed the bottom of the top. It even had a nice side-zip (I don’t really know what it is actually called), which I kept intact – just for fun – I can open my bag from the side too ha ha. The brown fringe was actually on the hem, and I ripped it apart and stitched near the top.Oh, and its totally hand stitched, so I cannot put anything really heavy in it.

I won’t say am in love with it, because I don’t like brown color, but it was a good beginner’s project.