A couple of months back, I was in the waiting room of a doctor for routine check-up. Now, the two places I absolutely detest to go is at a doctor or a hairdresser. I get nervous and scared. And here I was, sitting all alone, trying my best to not think about how nervous I was. So I started observing people. And to further add spice to my thoughts, I tried to imagine their lives. The harassed mother with the sick child, the brave girl who had to come with her grandfather in the waiting room, the impatient working man who was probably worried about how late he was getting for work… and slowly, I have no idea how, I tried to bind them together with a single theme. And somehow, the color purple stuck out. So the game began.

And out of this was born this project: The Purple Waiting Room Project.Β  I had so much fun doing this project… and this is just half of it. Every sketch is a story about people I saw that day, about what I thought about them, the secrets they held, the lives they led, and how the color purple helped them stay sane. I have almost a dozen more ideas for sketches but I couldn’t wait to share it any longer.

So here it is. Please tell me if you love it as much as I do.