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It’s winter and i don’t feel like crawling out of my warm, cozy bed once I am in. But you know how it is? Once you are all packed, nice and warm under your blanket, you have this sudden idea about a pink monkey or a task which is so very important and you are afraid of forgetting it. You  have it write it down so you have to get your butt out in the cold. palnner

Because I’m a lazy bum and totally HATE to get up, I made this “quick-to-make” wall organiser. It’s made of an old pillowcase (I love its color, even though its faded). Three sides are already done up for you, and all you need to do is pick up some strong ribbon/fabric and stitch it the pillowcase, looping it around a hanger. There! All done! You can of course, do patchwork, make lots of pockets or decorate with ribbon / laces / whatever.

And just hang it right beside your bed. I have put in a planner, pen, a little diary, some colors and  my hand cream. Here’s to lazier winters! 😀