I got a new work! I got a new work!  I got a new work!  I got a new work!!!!!

I am realllyyy excited about a new “job” I have been assigned to. A friend of mine is starting a blog with 3 of her other friends. It’s gonna be based on their life – the cliche “single in the city” theme. She gave me a brief on everyone’s personality. And I have got to make illustrations for them – for the blog header!! (Yayyiee!!) 

In the beginning, I had decided to make it totally in Photoshop. It took a lot of deleted files and a lot of photoshop work for me to realise  that it simply won’t do. There’s only so much you can make with a mouse in photoshop. I had to take a fresh approach, probably in a manner I normally don’t work.

So then, I sketched one girl at a time. On paper. Then I scanned the image,  and colored it, tweaking here and there. I am still not happy with her eyes..but still, it’s satisfactory for now

She’s the babe of the bunch, by the way.  what do you think? Any suggestions…
The babe

The babe