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It’s been a really long time since I last posted. Let’s just say that I was affected by the mortality and eventual futilty of everything and was trying to understand if crafting is neccessary…

I still can’t say if it is important or neccessary; but I do know it feels great to make something nice/beautiful/useful from my own hands; that it makes my life more fulfilling. So after depriving myself for so long from this world, I have come back. 🙂

And what better way, than to post sth I made? 😉

Here’s  a lovely brooch made out of golden tissue and a vintage button(which belonged to my mother). I made this after looking at tutorials on this at net. unfortunately, this was long back, so I don’t have the links for it right now. 😦

But if someone wants it, I can post up a tutorial of how I made this. The pics aren’t really great (!!) as they are taken from a mobile. 😦 Sorry for that…and I promise, I will be posting back again real soon. 🙂

Have a beautiful crafty day, everyone! 🙂